Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (20): Who Grammy Award Epp

Egbon, which song be this wey you dey play from your phone?

Aah, Mazi, na this song wey Grammy award singer Burna Boy sing oo. Angelina na em be the name

I know the song now… you think say na only you sabi all these Grammy award hip hop musicians.

Mazi, na lie. You no know am, if to say you know am you for no ask me any question; you know the thing wey dey pain me now?


The Grammy award wey dem suppose give Burna Boy dem no come give am, dem carry am give another person wey we no know

Na the person wey dem been wan give na em dem give; who Grammy award epp sef? How much the Grammy award go give person?

Must everything be about money, Mazi? Even though the Grammy award no dey bring money but e dey bring prestige. Prestige is better than money

Tah! Who tell you that nonsense? Dem dey chop prestige? If you go market go buy something, use prestige pay make I see

Na wa for you Mazi, anyway that one na your thinking … awards like Grammy award dey important, e dey show say people appreciate the thing wey you dey do. Eheh, I been wan ask you. Wetin be IPPIS?

IPPIS na integrated Personnel and payroll Information system. E be like say na computer thing wey federal government dey take monitor all the lecturers for the country

Monitor, as how?

Monitor now, to prevent all these dem ghost workers wahala; even federal government say dem no go pay any lecturer wey no register for that system

Eheh, that’s good. Make dem even do am for all government workers

I agree, if dem fit do am for all the government workers; all the whole ghost workers wahala go stop for good but you know this country… to start is easy but to continue and finish na another story

Hmmm, na true you talk. we go just hope say this one no go be like past projects; dem go start am, expand am and finish am

We dey watch. You know wetin I read this morning? Say Nigeria na number three for the world terrorist list

Wetin that one come mean?

E means say out of all the countries wey dey for this world, this country na the third  wey terrorism boku inside

Na lie jor, no be almost every week na em dem dey do public shooting for America? Which kind useless lie be that? Just because of Boko haram na em dem dey condemn us like that

My brother, Boko haram no be just oo.. you dey talk as if you never see the kind wahala wey dem don cause for this country. Abeg Boko haram no be just

I know but you suppose understand wetin I mean now

I no go understand abeg, Boko haram no be just and why dey thing dey pain you sef? Why be say the thing wey oyinbo people talk dey enter your body well well? Oyinbo na god?

No be say Oyinbo na god but dem get expertise wey dem dey use measure these things accurately

Na you talk say wetin dem talk na lie and you don come say na accurately again o

Kai Mazi, why you just dey stress me like this… make I talk finish before you siddon for my head now

Tufia kwa, I no wan siddon for your head; I just wan make you understand say no be everything wey oyinbo talk is correct. Sometimes dem just wan talk wetin go make other countries look bad and their own look good. No dey believe everything wey oyinbo talk… just like this Grammy award wey you wan kill yourself for

Which time I talk say I wan kill myself because of Grammy award?

Grammy award no be oyinbo award?

Mazi, just leave am. I don hear your point and from now on I no go discuss oyinbo matter with you again

That one na you know


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