Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (190): Donald Trump Takes A Bow

Bye Bye To Donald Trump

Mazi: Nawa o, so las las, Donald Trump don pack him Kaya commot for White House like this

Egbon: Hmm, naso the matter be o, one soldier dey go another soldier dey enter, but White House Barack no dey go anywhere o, e stand gidigba

Mazi: I bin dey think say Donald Trump no go gree commot the White House o sake of say him dey talk say dem rig the election way carry Biden enter

Egbon: One man no fit Big pass the whole America, the White House no be him House

Mazi: I no just know why I like that Donald Trump, I just like say him no dey pretend, him dey talk the matter as e be

Egbon: Nobody talk say make him dey pretend

Mazi: Make we wait see how Joe Biden go do him own

Egbon: Shey you hear say dem don approve new retirement age for Teachers for this country?

Donald Trump

Pidgin News (190): Bye Bye To Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Mazi: Hen hen, I never hear that one o, naa how many years them add put for dem years like this

Egbon: Before before, naa 60 years be d age wey dem dey retire, but now Federal Executive Council don carry suggest say make dem National Assembly carry am go 65 years

Mazi: We dey complain say Graduate no see job do, dem con dey add put for the year wey people wey don dey for Job go dey use

Egbon: If you check the matter well, you go see say e get advantage o

Mazi: Abeg tell me one thing wey you see say naa better something for the new age 

Egbon: You know say Teaching naa something wey dey very sensitive, so, e dey ok if dem allow people wey get experience well well to dey do am

Mazi: If dem con do am like that, naa when the people wey just dey graduate go get job o?

Egbon: Den go get Job now, at least as some Teachers dey retire, government go dey employ people wey fit do the Job

Mazi: No be Naija we dey, wey person go dey find Job, dem go con dey ask am say shey him get 10 years experience

Herdsmen, Presidency And Akeredolu

Egbon: Another thing wey I dey advise people wey just graduate naa say make dem no too dey rely ontop say government go give dem Job

Mazi: Naa true o, people wey dey find Job don plenty pass the Job wey dey ground, but many Graduate go dey do yanga, dem no go wan learn hand work

Egbon: Naa that yanga dey make some of dem dey siddon for house for many years

Mazi: Yes now, wait o, I hear something o, dem say Federal Government talk say Akeredolu no fit talk say make Fulani people wey dey do Cow business commot for the state (read more here)

Egbon: Hmm, naso me self hear the tory o, I con later hear say the Ondo State Governor don reply the thing wey Garba Shehu talk ontop the matter

Mazi: wetin the Governor talk?

Egbon: The Governor talk say, no be all the Fulani dem say make e common, say naa the one wey no dey for inside register for the state

Mazi: That one no suppose cause fight now, dem fit register those people wey no dey inside register, I even see one tory wey wonder me o

Woman Dumps Husband, Marries Step Son

Egbon: Wetin happen inside the tory?

Mazi: Naa one oyinbo woman o, him age naa 35 years, him get belle con born for him step son webi 21 years old after him don say him no dey do again for inside the marriage wey him get with the boy papa

Egbon: Laugh, this wan full mouth o, all these Oyinbo people go sha dey do some things wey go make people dey wonder sha

Mazi: I wonder as I see the tory o, but las las naa him life and as dem Culture allow that kind thing, naa luck I wish dem

Egbon: Naa why I like Naija Culture be that, this kind thing no fit happen for Naija, see we go talk later jare

Mazi: Ok, take care

Joe Biden
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