‘The War will not End with Russia Defeating Ukraine’, says Biden

American President, Joe Biden, has confidently stated that the Russian-Ukraine war will not end with Russia emerging victorious after all is said and done.

He made mention of the numerous new support Ukraine will be getting from over fifty (50) countries, while commending Ukraine for being resilient since the war started.

JoeBiden mentioned these points at a press conference organised at the North Atlantic Treaty Organisations, NATO Summit on Thursday 30.

The American President laughed at Russia for threatening to seize major cities in Ukraine, including Kyiv and Snake Island, yet have failed woefully in taking over the cities.

He hinted that the United States military might have been stationed in strategic locations and countries close to Russia to assist Ukraine and retain their territory.

He announced that there’s enough funds to finance Ukraine, military tanks, missile and rocket launchers , among other assistance needed to place Ukraine ahead of their enemies.

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