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Bitcoin scam suspect Joseph O’Connor, 22, also known online as ‘PlugWalkJoe,’ has been detained in Spain in connection with the hacked account of Bill Gates, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and Elon Musk in July 2020.

Joe Biden adds Burna Boy to a playlist of songs listed as pieces to be played during the inauguration ceremony of President-elect Joe Biden and vice-president-elect Kamala Harris.

U.S. President-elect, Joe Biden has said his administration will roll back enforcement of various executive orders ratified by his predecessor, Donald Trump when he takes over the office on January 20. These include travel ban on some countries.

Georgia, in the USA, on Thursday completed the manual recount of all the ballots cast in the November 3 presidential election. The results confirmed Joe Biden, the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party, as the winner in the state.