Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (189): NIN Registration Deadline

NIN Registration Deadline

Mazi: Hmmmm, the way wey many young people dey take find Money these days dey fear person o, dem just dey find am anyhow

Egbon: My brother, you no lie o, people dey over desperate to get money, dem wan get am by force

Mazi: No wonder why crime con dey plenty for the country like this, how person go dey chop live chicken sake of say him wan get money

Egbon: Live Chicken ke, you mean say dem no kill the chicken before dem chop am

Mazi: I dey tell you o, the video dey ontop social media now, dem say the young young guys naa Yahoo Boy, dem con dey chop the chicken raw

Egbon: Abi iru ki wa leleyi bawi, which kind thing be this, naso i read am for News say some people go thief Human skull for cemetry

Mazi: That one no be new something, e don dey before before, naa this live chicken own i never hear before

Egbon: If to say we get better government plus system wey dey ok, all these things no suppose dey common like this o

Mazi: No be everything we suppose dey blame ontop bad system, make we talk true, some youths too lazy

Egbon: No be lie, some of dem go wan drive car webi say the person wey don dey work for 35 years self never buy

Mazi: The matter tie wrapper o

Egbon: Kooda, e use make up join, shey you don hear the thing wey Yahaya Bello talk ontop COVID-19 vaccine palava?

Mazi: Wetin him talk o, because naa before him talk say COVID-19 no dey

Egbon: Him talk say that COVID-19 Vaccine naa plan to kill Naija people, say him no go take am

Mazi: Ahhh, which kind talk be that now, the vaccine wey plenty country bin dey wait for

Egbon: Me self wonder o, how him go dey talk that kind thing

Nin Registration Deadline
NIN Registration Deadline

NIN Registration Deadline

Mazi: As him talk that kind thing now, many people for the state no go follow the COVID-19 rules wey dem suppose follow to take reduce the thing

Egbon: I no just understand why a whole Governor go dey talk that kind thing

Mazi: Imagine and naso some people bin dey talk say dem wan make him become Naija Presido for 2023 o

Egbon: I no even fit imagine how him go take rule this country

Mazi: Wait o, shey you hear say naa today dem go start to dey block people sim cards sake of the NIN Registration Deadline.

Egbon: Ehn ehn, so naa today be the deadline, thank God say i don link my own sim cards o

Mazi: But plenty people never do the registration o, dem suppose still extend am make people fit register dem sim cards

Egbon: I no know how dem wan do the thing o

Bishop Kukah Gets New Appointment

Mazi: Government suppose still give people time, make dem fit do the linking something as e be say people no suppose gather sake of this virus

Egbon: Make we wait see how the matter go be now, shey you don hear say Bishop Kukah don get new appointment (read more here)

Mazi: Ehn ehn, i never hear that one o, naa who appoint am, naa federal government?

Egbon: No be government appointment o, naa Pope Francis give am the appointment

Mazi: I bin dey wonder say shey e possible make the federal government give am any appointment as him dey tackle Bubu government

Egbon: Dem say him go dey among the people wey go dey give the Pope advise ontop matter wey dey important

Mazi: That one naa better something o

Egbon: Abi now, aku imura ti Joe Biden 

Mazi: Wetin that one mean o, abeg no sale me

Egbon: I only dey greet you say happy preparation for Biden inauguration as him dey prepare to take over from Trump

Mazi: Naa true o, so finally finally, Trump go pack him load commot for White House

Egbon: Naso o, anything wey get beginning must to get ending, naa the end be that

Mazi: No be lie, but America no go forget that man quick quick o

Egbon: For where, dem no fit forget all the thing wey him do, make i con dey go jare

Mazi: Oya now

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