Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (175): Bishop Kukah On Fire

Bishop Kukah On Fire

Mazi: But wait o, e just look like say naa this 2020 I go first hear this bandits something wey con dey popular like this o, dem just they kill, they Kidnap different different people

Egbon: My brother, make we no lie give ourselves, Bandits don dey before, the thing be say, e no too dey popular like this one wey dey happen this 2020

Mazi: I hear say some bandits carry new husband and wife commot for Katsina State after dem don kill one person for the State

Egbon: If you read the tory well well, you go see say the person wey dem kill naa Uncle for one Lawmaker for Katsina State House of Assembly

Mazi: That one dey serious o, e even get one tory wey talk say dem Kidnap one Pastor plus him wife for Kaduna

Egbon: And naa part of the thing wey Bishop Kukah talk be that, wey some people dey talk say him no talk well, if person no fit dey safe for him House, no be the government we suppose ask say make dem do something?

Mazi: Odikwa serious o, but if you ask me o, I go say Bishop Kukah suppose no talk the thing wey fit cause Kasala for the country, e get how him go talk am webi say government go understand and do something

Bishop Kukah On Fire

Egbon: The wan wey Sultan plus former Emir don dey talk since, naa wetin government don do, and no be say the Bishop Kukah talk say make people go dey fight government

Mazi: Why some people con dey talk say make dem arrest am?

Bishop Kukah On Fire
Bishop Kukah

Egbon: Naa the people wey no like true talk dey say make dem arrest Bishop Kukah because I no sure say e get people wey love this country wey suppose talk say the thing wey the Bishop talk naa lie

Mazi: As the matter con be like this, wetin government fit do to make sure say dem stop these bandits people now

Nigeria’s GDP 

Egbon: Naa why some people dey talk say make government change Security Ogas dem be that

Mazi: How that one go fit stop the bandits something?

Egbon: If dem commot the security Ogas dem, con promote another set of people, dem go get fresh ideas wey dem go fit take tackle all these things

Mazi: Hmmmm, I underhand your point, but, now wey the President no gree change dem, shey naa like this we go dey dey?

Egbon: Naa make God help us o, I even hear say the agency wey dey torchlight matter wey concern money for the world, IMF talk say naa Naija Economy dey number one for Africa

Mazi: Ehn ehn, that one make sense o, so as our economy be like this, e get level for Africa

Egbon: The IMF con talk say naa number 26 Naija Economy dey among the country wey dey around the world, imagine, shey you no see say that one naa audio

Mazi: How e take be audio again o, shey no be better something say Naija economy dey number one for Africa?

Egbon: Naa better News, but, if naso the matter be, people no suppose dey sleep wake up for inside suffer head as e be like this

MazI: You no fit talk like that now, even America plus other countries wey don develop well well, no be say naa like that everything perfect

Egbon: I no talk say make everything perfect, but the suffer head wey dey Naija too much, so tey, dem say naa Naija be poverty Haedquarters among the countries wey dey world

Fake COVID-19 Results

Mazi: E go be my brother, I hear say Lagos State government talk say some people dey buy fake COVID-19 result for the state, how that one dey possible now

Egbon: Naa naija we dey, anything dey possible and that idea naa very bad something, how dem go dey buy fake COVID-19 result, e no suppose be now

Mazi: Government suppose arrest anybody wey dey do that kind thing

Egbon: Yes o, I agree with that one wey you suggest, e make sense, dem even say Federal government bin dey plan to stop aeroplane make dem no fit dey enter Naija from USA plus UK

Mazi: E go make sense now, make the COVID-19 no go dey increase, Egbon, we go talk later now, I wan dey go

Egbon: No wahala my brother, but wait o, how your Cross over service wan be like this, you no go go Church?

Mazi: I never sure o

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