COVID-19 Pandemic: PSC Relaxes Protective Guidelines

The COVID-19 Pandemic which is no longer as severe as it used to be from its emergence, and some of the measures put in place to reduce it widespread has now been relaxed.

Seeing that the threat from the pandemic has drastically reduced, the Presidential Steering Committee, PSC on COVID-19 Pandemic had to review the protective measures and mad certain adjustments to create more room for economic growth among possibilities.

Yesterday, the Federal Government, through PSC on Coronavirus, in its bid to adjust the guidelines regarding Nigeria’s response to the pandemic made major changes to some of the earlier introduced ones given the declining number of cases.

It would be recalled that the Government earlier introduced a new international travel guideline for passengers and airlines.

Of recent, the committee in a statement dated April 2, explained that the decision followed the reduced risk of importation of new variants, as well as the availability of vaccines and the increasing number of people vaccinated in Nigeria and globally.

FG Removes Curfew Over COVID-19 Pandemic

A major highlight of the revised measures by the committee is the removal of formal restrictions on movement within the country with the lifting of a nationwide curfew imposed from 12 midnight to 4am.

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