UK Makes U-Turn on Travel Ban

The United Kingdom is set to make a U-turn over its travel ban on countries red-listed for Omicron variant of Coronavirus.

The sudden surge in cases of the Omicron variant has caused the UK to place a travel ban on many countries, with Africa most affected by the ban.

UK Reconsiders Ban

Travel Secretary, Grant Shapps, has convinced colleagues that the ban should be replaced with testing for fully vaccinated patients.

The move, which is expected to be approved this week, will see Nigeria removed from COVID-19 red list countries and allow fully vaccinated travellers opportunities into the country.

The red list countries travel ban was met with disdain by affected African countries, with some tagging the move discriminatory and unfair.

UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, said on Wednesday COVID briefing that the policy would be re-examined amid uproars by affected countries.

Nigeria has also threatened to ban countries that have unfairly placed Nigeria on their red list.

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