Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (162): Buhari Don Change Him Mind

President Buhari failed to appear before lawmakers

Egbon: Song…( Yokolu yokolu, kowa tan bi, shebi i talk am, but that time wey i talk, some people dey talk say i be doubting Thomas, can you see now

Mazi: Abeg abeg, talk straight, no do corner corner, face me if naa me you dey talk to, no dey use proverb follow me talk

Egbon: Mazi, if the thing wey i talk touch you e mean say naa you i dey follow talk, shey i no tell you say Bubu no go show that time when House of Representatives people invite am

Mazi: I don hear am too, no be only you dey follow News and the thing wey i wan make you know naa say e get reason why crayfish bend, Bubu wey talk say him go show, wey con later change him mind get him reason

Egbon: I don talk am say naa you be Aburo Lai Mohammed, you be federal government spokesman, tell me which reason him get

Mazi: For your infromation, i no be Lai Mohammed brother, naa my opinion i dey talk and you no fit beat me ontop my opinion

Egbon: Why i go beat you, i just dey tell you say make you no dey defend wetin no follow, why Buhari no show after him promise say him go show

Mazi: I dey part of him cabinet ?, no be inside Newspaper we gather read am say naa Minister of Justice, Malami talk say the lawmakers no get the right for inside constitution to talk say make Buhari show

Buhari Don Change Him Mind

Egbon: Which Constitution? (cut in……

Mazi: Naa American constitution now, sake of say naa USA Bubu dey do President, shey no be inside Naija constitution Malami dey talk wetin him talk

Egbon: No dey defend wetin no-follow when Bubu Know say lawmakers no get right inside constitution to say make him come, why him talk say him go show?

Mazi: Me i no con know that one o, naa Bubu talk say him go show and naa him talk say him no dey show again, chikena

Egbon: Kai, Naija, ontop the plenty bad bad things wey dey happen for inside the country, Bubu no gree come out talk and some people still dey defend am

Mazi: I don kuku talk my own, if naa me you dey follow talk, you suppose mention my name

Human Right Day: Police Brutality In Nigeria

Egbon: Naa you dey bear Buhari?

Mazi: Ok o, dem talk say today naa the day wey dem dey take celebrate Human right

Egbon: Naa true, but that celebration naa for country wey respect the right of him citizen, no be this kind thing wey dey happen for here

Mazi: You mean say we no suppose celebrate the day for Naija

Egbon: Wetin we wan celebrate ontop the day, no be how many days ago the security person for Gbajabiamila shoot Newspaper seller, today today now, another police don kill Keke driver for Porthacourt ontop 100 naira

Mazi: Chineke mo oo, i never see the News o, you mean the Keke driver don pai like this?

Egbon: Naija police don kill am, no be say him sick, him just just dey hustle for wetin him go chop o, dem kill am just like that

Mazi: That news no sweet for ear at all o, 100 naira, kai..

Egbon: You see why that EndSARS part 2 must to show face, the other day dem say make dem EndSARS, still police dey kill people

Mazi: You and this EndSARS protest, my hand no dey o, i don talk am say make dem siddon for roundtable talk the matter

Egbon: Roundtable kor, Rectangular Chair ni, abeg, i wan dey go jare 

Mazi: We no fit use fire quench fire o, anyways, take care

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