Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (157): Pregnant Girls Inside Ogun Baby Factory

Ogun Baby Factory

Egbon: The thing wey poverty go cause for this Naija, poverty self no go fit stop am, imagine all these small small girls for inside where dem dey sale pikin for Ogun and naa this Bubu government i go blame

Mazi: Taa, this one Bubu government, that one Lai Mohammed, e no dey tire you, shey naa Bubu carry dem go put for where dem dey sale pikin, if we see true make we talk am now

Egbon: Pele o, the true disciple, why i no go blame Bubu government, if government provide job, shey people go dey sale dem pikin for 250,000 naira

Mazi: Egbon, naa now i con finally confirm say true true you dey biased, why you no fit just talk matter as e be for once, no be poverty dey carry person go sale him pikin, naa… ( cut in

Egbon: Naa wetin, naa wetin fit make this thing dey happen everytime, e be like say you no know wetin poverty mean, sake of say you dey chop three times every day

Mazi: Cool temper, make you no allow your body dey hot every time, you see some of this people wey you dey see so, naa Greed dey make dem do the things wey no-follow

Egbon: Finally, finally, i don confirm say you no get sympathy, pity no dey your blood at all, why you go dey blame this thing ontop Greed, you no know say person wey no see food chop fit do anything

Mazi: Egbon….. e be like say you wan make i look your face o, you wan make i fight you, how you go talk say pity no dey inside my blood

Egbon: E no dey, because if e dey, you no go dey talk this thing wey you dey talk for mouth like this

Ogun Baby Factory

Mazi: Come put pity inside my blood now because you go dey talk like say naa only you Sabi, tell me, shey naa that 250,000 naira wey dem go sale the baby no go make dem poor again?

Egbon: At least, e go help dem chop for some days and some of dem even fit use the money do business, if to say government do wetin dem suppose do, many people no go do crime

Mazi: See, no be say i no understand wetin you dey talk, but the thing be say, if person dey cry, him suppose see, government no fit do everything for people

Egbon: Me self no talk say make government do everything but e be like say this government no dey do anything

FG To Create 250,000 Jobs

Mazi: You no fit conclude say government no dey do anything, shey no be yesterday we dey talk say dem wan give drivers COVID-19 money

Egbon: Ok, so naa only drivers suppose get the money, other people wey no be driver, wetin dem go dey chop

Mazi: I hear say dem wan create 250,000 jobs very soon 

Egbon: Yinmu, shey naa today we don dey hear that one, no be everytime dem dey promise, as for me o, i no fit believe the thing wey i no see  

Mazi: If you say you no fit beleive the thing wey you no see, shey you fit see your brain

Egbon: I no fit see am and nobody fit see him brain abi you dey see your own

Mazi: ehn Ehn, shey e con mean say the brain no dey there?

Egbon: See, no insult me o, why you go dey talk say my Brain no dey there, naa question ontop government promise i ask you, no change the topic

Mazi: Nna ehn, this thing naa the same thing, no too take am serious, i just dey use that one do example ni and e con mean say because you never see the job wey government wan create no mean say dem no go create am

Egbon: Ok, but as for me o, naa see and believe i wan do, i no dey do audio promise again

The Service Chiefs

Mazi: My own believe naa say very soon Naija go better

Egbon: Is ok o, shey you even hear say Senate don ask Buhari to sack the Security oga dem again, and no be the first time be this o

Mazi: Naa him i wan talk o, naa everytime dem dey call say make dem sack security Oga, shey naa so so call call we go dey hear 

Egbon: Abi o, see as Terrorists dey kill innocent people for the country, dem still dey call, dem no fit take action

Mazi: Wetin you think say dem fit do?

Egbon: Dem no wetin dem suppose do, no be me go tell dem wetin dem go do, i wan dey go

Mazi: No wahala, we go talk later

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