Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (156): COVID-19 Grant For Drivers

COVID-19 Grant For Drivers

Mazi: (Song…., Chineke Idima o idima, idima eh, Chineke God o, las las i dey part of the people wey enter December, kai, my belle just dey sweet me, like say i win jackpot

Egbon: ( Song…, Ope lo ye keru oda o, ope loye keru o da, my brother true true, we suppose sing, dance and even thank Baba God say we see December

Mazi: This year 2020 naa Gen Gen.. ( cut in..

Egbon: Infact naa Elele, plenty something happen this year o, Kooda mouth no fit report everything wey eyes see for this year

Mazi: Naa to just thank Baba God o, him do me well no be small, see that lockdown, the virus, the protests plus plenty killings wey happen this year

Egbon: Oluwaseun, Naa Baba God we suppose praise o, imagine say him no protect us, shey naa this government we for rely upon say make dem protect us

Mazi: Hmmm, Egbon, just thank God, leave government alone, because i know say if we start to dey talk that government own, we no go talk am finish today

COVID-19 Grant For Drivers

Egbon: Tor, if you talk say make we no talk their matter, i don commot mouth o

Mazi: I no talk say make we no talk their matter, i no just want make you start to dey complain again

Egbon: I don tell you say make you no dey make am look like say naa me like to dey complain, no be this country we gather dey

Mazi: I don hear you, i even hear for news say government wan start to dey give drivers COVID-19 money, wey dem go fit hold body, dem call am COVID-19 Grant For Drivers

Egbon: That one no be bad idea, e make sense, but shey no be padi padi dem go take am do, abi dem go give everybody wey suppose get am

Mazi: According to the news o, dem no talk say naa political something o, dem say naa 4, 505 drivers dem go give the money for each state round Naija

Egbon: Nice one, i give federal government kudos, i carry Gbosa give dem like that, but naa how much be the money wey dem wan give each person self?

Mazi: Naa now you dey talk, if government do well, make we give dem Gbosa, i hear say naa 30,000 naira for each driver wey dey ride either Uber, Bolt, taxi, bus, Keke Napep, Okada plus other others

Egbon: My own be say, make dem no sha do Ojoro, make dem share am as e suppose be

Security Operatives Finally Arrest Maina

Mazi: I believe say government go share am as dem suppose share the money

Egbon: Naa that one go make sense o, Mazi, con check this Maina story o, dem say naa Niger Republic dem arrest am

Mazi: Hmmm, but wait o, how him take commot Nigeria go Niger Republic if no be say some people get hand inside the matter

Egbon: You see, shey you self dey see the thing wey i dey always talk, no be say him disappear commot, naa some people go get hand inside how him take commot for the country now

Mazi: O dika serious o, and dem con go put Ndume for prison sake of say naa him stand as him Sureity

Egbon: Dem don leave am say make him commot prison, and now wey dem don arrest am, the load go commot for Ndume head

Mazi: Ok sha, how Christmas wan be, abi you never start to dey prepare

Egbon: Naa make God keep our life, i wan buy foodstuff put for house before Christmas too near sake of say the thing go dey expensive when the celebration don close

Mazi: Naa true o, my brother make i con dey go 

Egbon: No wahala, happy new month to you, help me greet your wife

Mazi: Same here my brother, naa the Joy wey dey my belle no make me greet you happy new month since, take care

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