Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin news (154): Youths Sale 2 Policemen Head For N1, 000

Youths Sale 2 Policemen Head For 1,000 in badan, Oyo State.

Egbon: Finally, finally, the matter don pass be careful like this o abi which kind thing con dey happen for Naija like this, youths Sale 2 Policemen Head For N1, 000 for 1,000 naira

Mazi: Ahhhh, naa where that one take happen, how dem go sale policeman head for 1,000, you too like to dey hype news

Egbon: How many times i don hype news give you, you go dey talk like say you no dey read Newspaper, no be the news dey inside paper like this?

Mazi: E look like say the news naa true o, Youths Sale 2 Policeman Head?, this wan full mouth remain o, no be yesterday we still dey talk say dem kill traditional ruler for Ondo state… (cut in

Egbon: And naa after that one dem Kidnap the wife of the person webi Chief of Staff for the Governor of Ondo o, shey you don see why i talk say naa God hand our life dey

Mazi: Kai kai, but this policeman head own never too clear to me o, how dem take see the head?

Egbon: Make i shock you, no be one head o, naa two head dem cut sale for 1,000, naa the Babalawo, the herbalist wey dem sale am give confess before police go arrest the young boys wey sale the head

Mazi: Ehn ehn, this wan get as e be for my body o, how this kind thing go dey happen for Naija

Youths Sale 2 Policemen Head

Egbon: If you ask me, naa who i go ask, the worst part naa say the two boys wey sale the head naa 17 and 24 years dem be for age o, dem talk say naa for roadside dem carry the head for Ibadan

Pidgin News (154): Youths Sale 2 Policemen Head For N1, 000
The suspects who sold the two heads to an herbalist in Ibadan.

Where Is The Amotekun Corps

Mazi: This matter naa serious something o, if police people no dey secure, who con get security assurance for this naija?

Egbon: Naa the same question we dey ask, naa the person wey go answer am we suppose find, see as youths Sale 2 Policemen Head like this ( cut in….

Mazi: Find go where?

Egbon: Naa as i dey read that very unfortunate news about the police people wey dem cut their head sale for Ibadan, naso my eyes catch this other tory o

Mazi: Which other tory be that, abeg, i no wan hear another wan wey go spoil my mood o

Egbon: Check am yourself now, dem say Kidnappers don kill another policeman for Ekiti, dem even kidnap one Chinese Engineer wey be contractor for the state

Mazi: But, why these bad bad bad thing con dey happen follow each other like this

Egbon: Shey naa today e dey happen? e don dey happen since, the only thing naa say no be popular people e dey happen to, but now, the matter don dey go round

Mazi: Egbon, wait o, i get one question wey i wan ask o, this Amotekun people wey the South-west governors start that time, dem never start to dey work

Egbon: I hear say dem don start work for Ondo plus Oyo now but i no too sure if dem don start for other states wey dey the region

ASUU To Suspend Industrial Action

Mazi: E better make the Amotekun people start work on time o before the matter go con dey over serious pass how e dey now

Egbon: My brother, i hope dem go fit do something kiakia o, because if dem go dey waste time, make e no be say naa inside danger everybody dey for this country o

Mazi: I hope say the federal government go do something quick quick too, cuz i hear say traditional rulers for North too dey complain say dem no get security for the region

Egbon: Before nko, e get any region wey get security for this country

Mazi:Tor, abeg naa wetin be the latest ontop ASUU plus federal government meeting wey dem dey do since, the strike don pass 8 months like this o

Egbon: Just like that 8 months don waka o and dem still dey hope say government go do normal but i hear say e possible make students for universities go back to school very soon

Mazi: I hope so, because time dey go and las las naa the students go loose sake of say the lecturers go get their salary even if dem dey strike for one year

Egbon: Woo, e go be jare, i even get one meeting wey i wan attend by 2 for afternoon, make i go house go prepare, we go talk tomorrow

Mazi: Oyaa now, no wahala, take care

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