Pekere could be called corn crisps/meal. It is different from ‘Kpekere’(plantain chips); another local snack popular in Nigerian roads and highways. Pekere is made like the akara balls (bean cakes) just that corn is used in this case.

Corn is one of the food crops which can be processed into different types of food. Corn can be cooked, roasted and can be used to make foods such as pap and popcorn. Locally made food from corn includes; ekuru, egidiand pekere. These are foods made in the South Western part of Nigeria; the Yoruba tribe.

Pekere is made by grinding maize (after it has been shelled from its cob). A grinding machine is best to use for this purpose. Ingredients such as pepper and onion are added to the corn to be grinded. A little quantity of water must be added when grinding (it must have a thick paste).

The grinded corn is then mixed thoroughly with a spatula to make it smooth. Desirable quantity of seasoning and salt could be added for taste. It is then mixed again till it is fine. The thick paste formed is then cut into shapes which are then fried in hot oil. Pekere is ready to serve when it turns brown in the hot oil. 

You could add Pekere to your breakfast menu. It is a rich diet you will love to taste. You must have tasted akara(beans cake) but Pekere will add a new bite to your taste bud. Pekere is a snack which could displace small chops in your Owambe(party). 

Pekere is the Yoruba name for this corn meal. It has different names in different tribes of the African continent. Try to make Pekere today and thank me later. 

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