Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (179): Oyo Civil Servants Wey Steal COVID-19 Palliatives

Oyo Civil Servants

Mazi: I dey always like make we talk matter as e suppose be, no be everything we suppose to dey blame ontop government, some citizens self get their own for body

Egbon: Oshey, Mazi the Preacher, abeg fire on make i gbadun the thing wey you dey try talk in particular o

Mazi: I no be precaher, i just dey try hit the nail where i suppose hit am

Egbon: If naa like that, e mean say you be carpenter 

Mazi: Abeg, i no get time for that yeye joke, i no be carpenter, you no know my job again

Egbon: Shey someone cannot play with you, is that how you use to do?

Oyo Civil Servants

Mazi: Well, make i yaan you the thing wey my eye see for inside paper, dem sey dem arrest, con carry two Oyo civil servants go court ontop say dem thief 40 bags of Sugar wey suppose be COVID-19 palliatives

Egbon: Ahhhh, that one naa serious matter o, i bin dey think say COVID-19 palliatives don follow 2020 go o, this tory dey surprise me o

Oyo Civil Servants Wey Steal Covid-19 Palliatives

Mazi: You no suppose dey surprise, e show say some people wey dey blame government self get skeleton for inside their cupboard

Egbon: Hmmmm, you talk am well, how dem go thief something wey government suppose share give people wey need am, abeg naa wetin court con do dem o?

Mazi: I read am for inside the paper say the court talk say make each of dem pay 20, 000 naira con find two people wey go stand for dem 

Egbon: Nawa o, so if to say dem no see dem like that, naso dem for thief the something and if people dey talk say government no do well, dem go chuk mouth put

Nigeria Needs Help

Mazi: Naa one by one Chineke God go dey show dem face like this

Egbon: Amin o, i even hear say federal government talk say dem dey expect make China help dem

Mazi: Help dem do wetin o?

Egbon: I see am for inside Newspaper say the Minister for Obodo oyinbo matter talk say China fit help Nigeria get COVID-19 vaccines

Mazi: Tor, i hope say dem go help Nigeria o, so naa wetin WHO go do because i bin dey think say naa the Organization suppose share the vaccine

Egbon: Federal government talk say dem dey expect make China help as dem help when the virus first start that time (read more here)

Mazi: Which help, no be that time dem carry Doctors come from China wey be say naa later later we heaar say dem no do anything when dem come

Egbon: I no know say you still remember jare

Father Rapes 13-Year-Old Daughter

Mazi: Come check this tory o, i hear say one man wey be 45 years rape him daughter wey be 13 years old for Ogun

Egbon: Ehn ehn, but naa when this kain thing wan stop like this, this thing no dey shame dem, how father go dey rape him own daughter

Mazi: The thing taya me o, him no even get right to rape any girl no to con talk about him daughter

Egbon: Naa some days ago we hear for News say one 16 year old girl talk say one commissioner rape am for Ogun state o

Mazi: Naa wetin con be the update ontop that matter now

Egbon: Dem talk say the girl wan withraw the case, police con talk say the girl plus him family no fit withraw the case

Mazi: E go be o, make i con dey go my shop jare

Egbon: No whala, we go talk later now

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