Origin of Manchester United, Liverpool Rivalry

Manchester United and Liverpool rivalry is the worst in the whole English Premier League and many have been asking why the hatred is that much. One Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard never exchanged a jersey with any Manchester United player, the rivalry is that intenser. United fans love Spanish La Liga champions Real Madrid more than their country club, not this article will give you the reason why.

Manchester United Fans Hates Liverpool even to Death

A real Manchester United Fan hates Liverpool and anything associated with Liverpool as well. It is said that they have no mercy for Liverpool even in death. It is only United fans who can celebrate when a Liverpool player dies on the field. The hatred is that deep! The whole story started way back on Feb 6th 1958, when Manchester United players died in a plane crash (Called the Munich Air disaster) and lost almost all their 1st eleven players.

Origin Of Manchester United, Liverpool Rivalry

Liverpool who is a club in the English Premier League that was expected to understand and stand with the club in such a dark time decided to mock United instead and even coined the song “your players have been made manure” it was sad but to them, they celebrated.

On the hand, Real Madrid who won the European champions that year decided to the Old Trafford club their title after they have asked the organizers but United rejected the offer. The club said they are never given trophies they only win them.

Origin Of Manchester United, Liverpool Rivalry
Munich Air disaster victims

The Spanish club went ahead to organise a holiday for the remaining Manchester united players in Spain to help them recover from the trauma and shock. All expenses were paid by Real Madrid. Real Madrid offered their best player De Stefano to Manchester United for free. Real Madrid went ahead to organize a friendly Vs Manchester United and gave all the gate collections to Manchester united.

This gesture by the Real Madrid family created a strong bond between them and the English Premier League club and that bond cannot be broken. So, this is why United fans hate Liverpool but love Real Madrid.

Origin Of Manchester United, Liverpool Rivalry
Origin of Manchester United, Liverpool Rivalry

Most people also date the rivalry back to the building of the Manchester Ship Canal in 1894, but there is evidence that the mistrust and dislike goes back even further.

That amazing inland waterway came about because Manchester, where cotton was king, became increasingly frustrated at having to import raw materials through the great port on the Mersey, and paying what they saw as exorbitant handling fees.

The Mancunian industrialists got together and bought up a corridor of land from the Wirral all the way to Salford, so that shipping could bypass Liverpool entirely. But the rivalry may even precede that, going back to the start of the industrial revolution.

There is even a suggestion that the “lazy Scousers” jibe dates back to that era, rather than the mass unemployment of the early 1980s, when the Stretford End taunted Liverpool with renditions of “Sign on, sign on, and you’ll never get a job”.

Origin Of Manchester United, Liverpool Rivalry
Liverpool’s wealth and power was based on trade; Manchester’s on industry

Yet that rivalry did not, at first, seem to permeate downwards to the working classes, who make up the vast majority of the population in both cities. Indeed, both cities have long, proud traditions of radicalism, of resisting the London elite through political and trade union agitation.

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