Oleksandr Zinchenko Attacks Putin

Manchester City and Ukrainian star Oleksandr Zinchenko have attacked Russian President Vladimir Putin following the order of the president on the people of Ukraine. The player said he hopes Putin dies a painful death in a fiery social media post in light of Russia’s invasion of his homeland.

Oleksandr Zinchenko Fire Hot at Putin

The 25-year-old left-footed player also released a patriotic statement earlier in the week, calling for solidarity among his compatriots. Russia has launched a military assault on Ukraine, with reports of missile strikes in major cities. Despite warnings from Western leaders, Russian President Putin claims that Moscow will mount an ‘instant response’ if others try to step in.

Oleksandr Zinchenko Attacks Putin
Oleksandr Zinchenko Attacks Putin

Leading figures from the United States, European Union and the United Kingdom have strongly condemned the move, while US President Joe Biden claims that Russia will be held to account. Many persons are already trying to flee from Ukraine as the death toll reportedly rises.

Zinchenko and Andriy Shevchenko, two of Ukraine’s top football players have both spoken against the action of Putin this week. Oleksandr Zinchenkotook to his social media handle in anger on Thursday, posting a picture of Putin accompanied by the caption: “I hope you die the most painful suffering death, creature.”

Having only been up for a few minutes, the post was promptly taken down. According to reports the player claims that Instagram themselves took down the post and it was not him.

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