Snail pepper soup is a luxurious delicacy you have to taste if you have not. It is light, mild tasting and very soothing for the body, especially after overindulging in very rich food and drinks. The pepper soup is not as common as other types of Nigerian pepper soup. The main ingredient is the African giant snail. It is always added to thick soups or prepared as peppered snail. Snails are low in calories, high in protein, iron and vitamin B12. They also contain some selenium, magnesium, and omega-3. Snail is a taboo for some people (religion/cultural). For those that eat snail, it is mouthwatering.


Snails, onion, pepper, seasoning cubes, palm oil, uziza powder, utazi, scent leaf and salt to taste.


The first thing to do is to prepare the snail. You will have to break the shell, extract the snail, clean and wash off the slime before cooking. The slime is removed using lime, salt, alum or garri. Alum is the most effective of them all. There is another method of boiling the snail in hot water to extract the snail from its shell. Alum is also used to wash off the slime in this case. Grind the pepper to be used and set aside.


Wash the snail thoroughly (make sure the shell is removed entirely from its body part). Place the snail in a pot and add just enough water to cover the snail. Add slices of onions, salt, pepper and seasoning cubes. Allow it to cook until the snail is almost ready. Pour about a ½ teaspoon of palm oil into the content. Then add uziza, shredded utazi and scent leaf. Stir and cook until snails are ready (make sure you cook until a fork can pass through it). It should not be allowed to be overcooked which makes it too soft. Snail should be crunchy when tasted.

Your favorite snail pepper soup can be served on its own. It can be served with rice, corn pudding (agidi/eko) etc. Enjoy this delicacy with your favorite soft drinks and thank me later.

Bon appetite!

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