Pupuru and Okra soup is one local delicacy you will definitely enjoy. This dish is mainly eaten in Ilaje and Irele in Ondo State. It is processed from cassava. The processes involves in turning cassava to the powder of pupuru includes; peeling of cassava, sun drying, frying and then grinding into powder form.

This meal is white in color just like other swallow foods such as pounded yam, fufu and semovita. This food is a carbohydrate food, supplying energy for your day’s work. The best soup that goes with pupuru is okra soup. This combination passes through a gullet in emphatic fashion.


Pupuru powder, okra, palm oil, beef, crayfish, dry fish, onions, red pepper, locust beans, seasoning and salt to taste.


Boil the beef with seasoning cube, onions and salt. Set aside when done. The stock is used to prepare the okra soup. Wash the okra plant very well and then grate using a grater then set aside in a bowl. Also grate the pepper with a grater and also set aside in another bowl.


To cook the pupuru, put some quantity of water to boil on a medium heat. When the water boils, bring down and pour the pupuru powder. Stir continuously with a spatula and turn as if you are making eba. Make sure the pupuru is smooth and not too soft. It is done after you have a thick and smooth taste.

To prepare the okra soup, return the beef stock in a pot on the stove. Add the grated okra and pepper; use a thick spoon to mix them thoroughly. Allow cooking for about 10 minutes. Add palm oil, crayfish, dry fish, boiled beef and locust beans. Stir the contents with your spoon and allow cooking for 15-20 minutes.

Check for taste, if the taste is not desirable, a stock cube and salt can be added for taste and then cooked for few minutes. Allow simmering for a couple of minutes, thereafter it is done.Pupuru and Okra soup is a sumptuous delicacy. Other soups such as egusi and vegetables can also be served with pupuru. Enjoy this meal with your favorite soft drinks. Bon appetite!

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