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Nigerian Bike Men Will Not Be My End

Welcome. Thank you for tuning in to hang out with me again. I trust you’re doing okay today? Alright… without much ado, I’m ready to spill the beans and gist with you.

These bike men would not be the end of me. I affirm it all the time, and I believe it. It’s hard actually to explain what goes on in their minds. Nigerian bike men have nine lives; you can’t convince me otherwise.

Every day I mount a bike, and I do the sign of the Cross. I earnestly pray I get to my destination in one piece, with my legs intact and my 32 white teeth complete.
I read somewhere most of these bike men think life is Subway Surf, and I totally agree.

I have made a habit of dropping halfway through the journey when the speed becomes threatening and uncomfortable to the point I can no longer bear. You carry me, and your ancestors start calling you… you’ll go alone, dear. Biko, drop me, my friend. Jee gbuo onwe gi so gi (Go and kill yourself alone).

Why are these bike men eager to die? Well, that what I call it. But I think I still find them interesting. You can’t help but notice it.

One carried me the other day and sped off. I tapped him, asking him to stop; he slowed down and apologized. I warned him before we recommenced our trip.

Then another bike man carrying a young lady overtook us. The lady looked back at us and smiled. I didn’t seem to recognize her; so, I wondered- why was she smiling? Does she know me from somewhere? Well, I was shocked by what happened next.

It happened we were both headed in the same direction. So, when we took a turn into a bad road, the two bikes got close, mine and hers. And my bike man goes, ‘Finnnne girl’. Aah, Aah. See, this one is still looking for a woman o. Can you just imagine? He’s working and still chasing women. Ladies and gentlemen, to my utmost shock, ‘fine girl’ turned o. Oh wow!

Nigerian Bike Man With Passengers
Nigerian Bike Man With Passengers

Then she smiles and says, ‘Buy fish when you’re coming back o’. Hey! Lmao. It’s over. Seriously, you can’t tell me otherwise. Fish?

So apparently, they’re not meeting for the first time. In fact, they seemed to have known each other for a while. It then dawned on me that they might be dating.

While her own bike sped off, my bike man said, ‘Na my babe be that’. While it was funny to me, I still found a tinge of romance in it. They were able to combine doing all these things and still live their lives like nothing is happening.

Some of us want a vacation in the Maldives; some want pasta, some want to have French fries in France and look, someone just wants her man to come home with fish. Barbecue fish! And that’s all that’ll make her day.

This conversation started out about how Nigerian bike men are daring even in the face of extremities. But then, this is the most pleasant turnaround the story about them have gotten. By chance of fate, I got close enough to witness a new side. And I am picking so many reminders of life lessons most of us have known.

You will agree with me that a life of simplicity is very intriguing. People who find joy in the simplest things. People who it takes the smallest of things to warm their hearts.

As you go on with other activities or relaxation you have planned for today, take moments to reflect on how you can find and tap from the joys of little but significant, thoughtful conversations you see around you.
With Love, Imma

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