Nigerian Prankster, Zfancy Cries Out After Car Crash

Famous Nigerian Prankster, Comedy maker and Video Creator Zion Ubani Chibuike, popularly known as Zfancy, has expressed his disappointment over the insensitivity of Nigerians after the car crash that almost claimed his life.

A few days ago, the Prank King shared a video of the unfortunate incident on his Instagram page, thanking God for saving his life and that of his teammates.

Nigerian Prankster, Zfancy Cries Out After Car Crash

In the comment section of that post, a few of his colleagues joined him in thanking God for his life, while most of his fans who are familiar with his unusual prank videos expressed their disbelief as they went on to ask if the video was one of his pranks.

Disappointed at the level of inconsideration showed by his fans, Zfancy took to his Instagram story a few days after to express his sorrow.

He wrote: “It’s really sad that people find it difficult to differentiate between a prank and a life threatening issue. I had an accident and a lot of People still felt it was a prank. its quite sad and disheartening”

Nigerian Prankster, Zfancy Cries Out After Car Crash

Hopefully, this will send a message to his fans.

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