Music and emotions go and hand. Music helps us to deal with certain situations. But there are downsides to listening to music during some dark times.

Emotions are unavoidable. An individual cant shut out their feelings whenever they are going they feel a certain way. While music helps us control those feeling and tell us that we are not the only ones going through it alone.

As much as it is hard to do, individuals need to find ways to unplug themselves from their music when feeling down.

Reason one; Next time you listen to that song it either reminds you of that gut awful feeling you had at that you felt at that time.

Just like break up songs, once you’ve moved on from that guy or girl, playing that song may raise those unresolved feelings.

Reason two, Listening to that song eventually makes you hate it. There are some individuals with a hate playlist song, probably from bad memories associated with them.

And some people who are reminded of those bad memories draw them back to those dark times.

As corny as it may sound, shutting your emotions down while listening to good emotional music is a good thing.

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