Mesut Ozil Was Never an Arsenal Fan

Mesut Ozil Says He Has Always Been a Fenerbahce Fan

Arsenal Germany playmaker Mesut Ozil has finally come out to speak of his stay in Arsenal. The player was asked about his regret in Arsenal and if he regretted joining the team. Ozil said: “there have been many ups and downs” at the club but that he does not “regret” joining the Gunners.”

The 32-year-old ex-Germany international has not played for Arsenal since 7th of March 2020. His contract will be running out in the summer and he has been linked with a move to Turkish side Fenerbahce.

Mesut Ozil Was Never An Arsenal Fan
Mesut Ozil Was Never An Arsenal Fan

Ozil said: “I grew up as a Fenerbahce fan as a kid in Germany.” The German international made this known during a social media question and answer session.

Ozil also said: “Every German-Turkish person supports a Turkish team when they grow up in Germany. And mine was Fenerbahce.” “Fenerbahce is like Real Madrid in Spain. The biggest club in the country.”

He said he will definitely continue his playing career when he leaves Arsenal, adding: “There are two countries I want to play football in before I retire: Turkey and USA. If I went to Turkey, I could only go to Fenerbahce.”

He was asked if he had ever enjoyed playing for Arsenal, Mesut Ozil said: “Of course.” “There have been many ups and downs so far, but all in all I’ve never regretted my decision to join Arsenal.

“And, to be honest, the last couple of games before the corona break in February and March 2020 made really a lot [of] fun. “But after the break things unfortunately changed.”

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