It’s no news that Nigerians are fun lovers and seekers. We are the life of the party anywhere we go. The Yoruba people of Southwest Nigeria cannot do without parties, which may be in the form of wedding, naming, burial, coronation, and graduation ceremonies. ‘Owambe’ is the word coined by Yoruba people for the attendees of these parties. Apart from the fact that the Nigerian traditional dressings are displayed in these parties, it is a means of displaying various cuisines from this part of the world. You just have to attend a traditional wedding in Cross River and Akwa Ibom states, the arrays of food on display will make you go with your soul mate. Here are top Nigerian delicacies you will come across when attending a Nigerian party. I know you probably came for the item seven, here’s a look into the menu list.

Nigerian Party
  • THREE-COURSE-MEAL: Top on the buffet list is a three-course-meal of jollof rice, fried rice, and moi-moi. Salad is also added to the meal to make it a regular course. You just have to grab your cutlery as you serve your appetite with this delicacy. If you have seen Nigerians battling it out on social media with other African neighbors on the course of jollof, then you have to taste this delicacy to understand why we defend our meal. Some can’t even get enough of jollof as they leave the party with a takeaway.
Menu List For Nigerian Party
  • POUNDED AND EGUSI SOUP YAM: It is only Owambe when pounded yam and egusi soup is in attendance. This Yoruba ceremonial delicacy is top on the menu list anywhere you go. If anything would serve you better, it is surely this sumptuous delicacy; just make sure your attire isn’t designed by the oily melon soup.
Menu List For Nigerian Party
  • SMALL CHOPS: Finger foods are referred to as small chops in Nigeria. This is usually served as appetizers at occasions. This includes battered fish, mini sausage rolls, snails, peppered gizzards, barbecued goat meats (asun), puff puff, samosa and spring rolls. These serve as an alarm for your digestive systems that another round of delicacy is on its way. 

It is another weekend, won’t you attend an Owambe to savor Nigerian delicacies with your friend and family. Enjoy and stay healthy.

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