MC Oluomo Goes All Out for Portable as Police Opens Investigation

Fast rising Nigerian singer Portable who is currently been investigated by the Nigerian Police has been welcomed by the popular Musiliu Akinsanya MC Oluomo who is allegedly the head of agbero boys in the whole of Lagos state Nigeria. The signer is wanted after he made a video saying he is the founder of the dreaded one million cult gang and Ajah boys cult group which troubled the people of Lagos state in 2020 during a lockdown.

Portable takes Refuge in the house of MC Oluomo

Portable is being probed by the Nigerian Police, but it seems not to be an issue for MC Oluomo who is the chairman of the Lagos State Park and Garages Management. Many of Portable’s friends denied and deserted him after he made the video of the one million boys and Ajah boys cult but Musiliu Akinsanya aka MC Oluomo welcomed him to his house.

Mc Oluomo Goes All Out For Portable As Police Opens Investigation

In the video, Portable was seen hailing the former transport union boss, as the latter boasted about his influence in different areas of the state. He said nobody can tell Portable not pass any place in Lagos because he knows all the people there.

People have asked questions as to why the singer will run to the house of MC Oluomo who is said to be the chairman of all the agbero/touts in Lagos. It is alleged that he was appointed by the All Progressive Congress presidential candidate Ashiwaju Tinubu.

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