May 25: Top 3 Twitter Trends Explained on EveryEvery

While we remain under partial lockdown, we can still find smart ways to enjoy ourselves and Twitter “with the help of Twitter trends’ is one of such platforms that can provide us with a lot of fun.

While we spend time on Twitter, we come across Twitter trends, with background stories we might not know about, but we are here to let you know about them.

Twitter Trends


Today is the day Africans all over the world take out time to celebrate the motherland, our culture, unity, freedom, diversity among many others.

The day is called the African day celebrated in an event called the Africa Day Benefit Concert, but this year’s edition was unique, considering the pandemic rocking the world.

May 25: Top 3 Twitter Trends Explained On Everyevery 1

The concert usually features African artists coming tother to showcase their talents to bring together all blacks scattered across the world.

Despite the lockdown, this year’s edition was done virtually with live performances made from different locations across African.

So Twitter users took out time to make #AFRIMAAUday2020 compete strongly among other Twitter trends for the day.

So if you have used or seen #AFRIMAAUday2020 among the Twitter trends and you not know what the the event was all about here you have it.


Bolar interestingly found its way to be among today’s Twitter trends because the Bolanle and Arnold with couple name Bolar who featured on Nigeria’s first love and relationship reality TV show called Ultimate Love are celebrating.

This couple is celebrating 100 days that they picked themselves as partners after going through a lot of hurdles in their relationship.


Bolar is a unique couple on Ultimate Love with a lot of fracas between them, event till the last few hours to the end of the show. This made them one of the couples many would have found it easy to predict would not last being together after leaving the show, but here they are today.

Many people are finding it hard to believe that they are still doing well together, but as life will have it they are still counting days on their journey to a forever happy after.

Seeing #Bolar among the Twitter trends today is a thing of joy for their fans who are still waiting for when Arnold will bend a knee to ask the question and then we will decide on the colour and material for “Also Ebi.”


Nigeria also was found among the Twitter trends today when news broke that the nation’s economy grew by one per cent in the first quarter of the years 2020.

Twitter users did not think it twice to ask questions about how possible that was considering how businesses have been closed in Nigeria for months now.

They asked that when all businesses were opened and running we did not record such development, while others saw this news a god news signalling that there could be light at the ned of Coronavirus pandemic tunnel.

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