Ultimate Love: Twitter Users Celebrate Bolar After 100 Days

Bolar After 100 days

We are celebrating Bolar after 100 days of being a couple and it feels so great. Are you asking who or what is Bolar? I will tell you.

After spending 100 days as a couple, Twitter users, today took time to celebrate the Ultimate Love couple Bolar, comprising Bolanle and Arnold who are housemates of the first Nigerian love and relationship reality TV show called Ultimate Love.

Bolar is not just being celebrated for nothing, but it is 100 days today that the two strangers who met on the TV screen chose themselves as partners who are ready to give love atrial on the show.

According to the aim and purpose of the show, the contestants referred to as Love Guests are to pick a partner, of course opposite sex they think they would be able to work out things with, on a journey to a forever happy after.

The hosts of the Love Guests called Aunty allowed them to go meet other housemates randomly on a speed date to familiarise after which they would be able to pick the person they think they love and are to become a couple.

When the time came for the Love Guests to pick partner Bolanle picked Arnold as her three options and coincidentally, Arnold picked Bolanle as her three options as well.

Since the picking was done in secrecy, wold we say their hearts were in tune with each other? Did they plan it? Whichever way, it was a pleasant scene to see them together.

Bolar On Ultimate Love (Celebrating Bolar After 100 Days)
Bolar On Ultimate Love (Celebrating Bolar After 100 days)

While we say congratulates to Bolanle and Arnold, Bolar, on hit a hundred days together, we look forward to more good news and celebrations from them.

Bolar was a unique couple on Ultimate Love with a lot of fracas between them, event till the last few hours to the end of the show. This made them one of the couples many would have found it easy to predict would not last being together after leaving the show, but here they are today.

The last fight Bolar had on the show was when Arnold was angry about Bolanle complaining that she did not appreciate the time he spent massaging her legs but told Chiddy Bankz he spent few minutes with her after begging for a massage.

The discussion did not go well with Arnold calling Bolanle an ingrate, stressing that he hates being aground such persons. With that drama, can we say we will be celebrating Bolar after 100 days?

Bolanle who could not take the heat coming from her man had to walk away to avoid more fireworks just a few hours to the ned of the show. Either you believe their love is real or not, they have been able to stay for 100 days and still counting.

Go BOLAR rock the world with your Love. We are already celebrating Bolar after 100 days.

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