Maradona’s Lawyer Demands Investigation on his Death

Matias Moria Maradona’s Layer Demand Investigation in the Death of his Client

Following the death of Argentina soccer legend Diego Maradona, people have been in sadness and mourning state but Maradona’s lawyer Matias Moria has come out to say he demands an investigation into his client death. According to the Lawyer, he said the death was due to negligence on the medical practitioners’ part. The lawyer for the Argentine football legend, Matias Moria, asked for an investigation to be carried out.

Maradona'S Lawyer Demands Investigation On His Death 1
Maradona and his lawyer Matias Moria

Diego Maradona died on Wednesday (11/25/2020) at his residence in Tigre, Buenos Aires. The former Barcelona and Napoli star won two series A title for the Italian side and will forever be remembered. He played for Argentinos Juniors, Boca Juniors, Barcelona, ​​Napoli, Sevilla, Newell’s Old Boys before retiring from international football.

Maradona’s lawyer and relative, Matias Moria, made a statement regarding this sad moment. He asked for an investigation because something was bothering him. The lawyer said that Maradona died because the medical staff was late in providing help. He blamed it as “a stupid and inexplicable crime.”

According to Maradona’s lawyer, he said: “Today is a day of sadness. Sadness and deep reflection.” “In my heart, I felt the loss of a friend whom I cherished with devotion until the last day. I greeted him directly. His funeral should be an intimate and family moment.” “According to what the San Isidro prosecutor said, it is inexplicable that 12 hours, Diego did not receive any medical attention or examination.”

Diego Maradona’s lawyer also said: “The ambulance alone took more than half an hour to arrive, that’s a stupid crime. This fact should not go unnoticed, and I ask you to investigate it to the end. As Diego told me: ‘You are my soldier, working mercilessly,” he wrote. The player was just laid to rest some few moments ago we expect this to be looked into to know exactly whose fault it was the legend died the way he did.

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