Manchester City Owner Set to Surprise City Fans

Manchester City owner Sheikh Mansour has said he will pay the travel costs of all their fans attending the Champions League final. According to reports, all supporters purchasing tickets will be offered a place on the club’s official trip to Portugal.

Manchester City owner Sheikh Mansour tp Pay Fans Travel Tickets

Manchester City Owner Set To Surprise City Fans 1
Manchester City Owner Set to Surprise City Fans 3

Manchester City has received 6,000 tickets for the game, which will be played against fellow English Premier League rivals Chelsea on the 29th of May in Porto. The initiative is “designed to ease the financial pressure on fans after the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic,” a club statement read.

The owner is doing this because of Covid-related restrictions. The Portuguese government has said fans going to the match need to be in and out of the country within 24 hours if they come from the UK. The new Premier League champions have reached their first-ever Champions League final in the club’s history.

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