Make Money Blogging 2020;The Economical Way Nigerians Can do it

Make Money Blogging 2020;The Economical Way Nigerians Can do it

First Is To Get Blog Business Plan

First, to create an online blog as a Nigerian isn’t as difficult as most people think it is. If you want to make money as a blogger in as a Nigerian in 2020 despite the ongoing pandemic, it requires a blog business plan. Furthermore, you have to give your effort and time to launch an online website. But, Do you know of any business that doesn’t require any effort to be a successful entity in the long run? If you’re looking for that way to create your very own successful online blog in any niche,this ultimate step-by-step guide will solve your problems and give you the essential tools in pushing you forward in the right direction.

Remember that to make money blogging 2020 and a successful blog isn’t going to be profitable overnight, but I’m sure if you implement the right strategies any beginner can be an expert in weeks time. Practice represents the key to success. 

Here are five easy steps to make money blogging 2020.  Want to know the ways and things to do to successfully make money blogging 2020 as a beginner? This is my open letter to potential bloggers.

1.Your Niche (The Ultimate Way A Nigerian Can Make Money Blogging 2020)

Make Money Blogging 2020

The first move when creating a business plan for the blog is to find your niche. Why are you passionate about writing?  rOr perhaps what are you most comfortable writing on? Most new bloggers are struggling to find a place in which they really feel comfortable blogging. The reason you hear 99 percent of bloggers fail each year is because they’re not inspired to continue writing about their chosen topic.

If you’re writing about something, you’re passionate about, but there is no one interested in reading it, then it’s impossible to monetize your blog!

Social media is a good search tool if you want to discover people’s interests and hobbies. Of course, there are always the same popular niches that trend every year (ex: entertainment blog and fashion blogs). On one hand, there the some niche that are guaranteed money makers. People love those topics so much that  you’re guaranteed to grab readers’ attention.

Make Money Blogging 2020;The Economical Way Nigerians Can Do It 1
Make Money Blogging 2020

For example, mommy blogs are extremely popular because a new mom is always seeking advice from an expert who knows a lot about babies.

Key points to remember:

  1. A topic that you love + the online audience interest
  2. Popular niches in 2020
  3. A niche easy for affiliate marketing

2. Create a Domain name And Make Money Blogging 2020

Create A Domain Name
Create a Domain name

If you want to launch a blog, a domain name is very important. It’s the IP address (.com) where viewers click the link of your website.

Picking a domain name is the next level if you want your blog to look original. Although it’s known to not to be the deciding factor whether your blog is going to successful or not, so i advice that you pick a domain name that’s related to comfortable your niche you will be wring on. For example, if you’re writing a blog about mental health, make sure to include the word mental or health somewhere in your domain name. But create an original name at the same time, so that people can remember your brand easily. If you’ve got a memorable brand name, then it’s easier for you to make money blogging  2020.

Make Money Blogging 2020;The Economical Way Nigerians Can Do It 2

For a domain name for mental health, here are some creative names:




  • Remember to pick a name that people know what your niche is about + adding an adjective to make your site memorable on search engines

3. Use WordPress Engine for website hosting

Make Money Blogging 2020;The Economical Way Nigerians Can Do It 3
WordPress Engine

After choosing your niche and domain name, you now need an actual posting of the website! It lets you build your website and install all the software you need to make the blog a success. Among all the website builders I’ve been using until now. WP engine is one of website hosting of highest quality at a reasonable price. For newbies who have no clue on how to construct a website. WP Engine offers 24/7 h of online support call.

They help you create your own blog on WordPress, the largest platform in the world with over 35 percent of web uses, to help you select the best website design themes for your niche!


Easy to use step-by-step guide

Affordable price

24/7 online support

They offer awesome design templates like Studio press.

4.Want more traffic? Get a Clean Minimalist Responsive Theme Design   

Make Money Blogging 2020;The Economical Way Nigerians Can Do It 4

I suggest you use a clean minimalist responsive website if you want more people to visit your website. It makes speed loading quicker, so your website  would rank faster preferred by google search engine, making your blog more accessible to public.

Due to the easy navigation and organized web pages, a visually appealing clutter free website will make viewers visit your website more often. When you invest a small fee that will be beneficial in the long term, it’s a win-win situation.

In addition, more and more people are using mobile devices that make designing a clutter-free minimalist design essential.

You’ll need a framework and/or theme like Studio Press to launch a beautifully designed, search engine-optimized web site.

5. WP Forms for Email listing

Make Money Blogging 2020;The Economical Way Nigerians Can Do It 5
WP Forms

If it comes to sending your subscribers an email, Mailchimp’s WP Forms is the way to get there. It’s a very user friendly drag & drop plugin that helps you to create contact forms, collect payments, signatures, and survey results. This marketing tool helps you to better understand your followers and learn what they like about your blog and what they hate.

 You will gradually turn your subscribers into potential customers who would like to buy your goods! It is an important way to  Make money blogging 2020 

6. Advertising

Make Money Blogging 2020
Make Money Blogging 2020

Normally, I’m not a big supporter of selling ads on your site especially as a beginner. You need an estimate of a million visitors per year for the large and more profitable ad networks to take you seriously, and affiliate marketing is almost always more profitable and just as passive.

That being said, like many of the other methods listed here, some niches like recipes, fashion, and news are hard to monetize, and they get LOTS of page views. In that case, it can make sense to put a few advertisements on your site as a supplementary source of income.

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