Lionel Messi Denies Giving £3.25m to Help release Ronaldinho

Lionel Messi has dinied giving money to help retired Barcelona and AC Milan star Ronaldinho who was sent to prison about two weeks ago. He was charged for using false documents to enter Paraguay, it was said that his former teammate Lionel Messi had promised to help him out of the trouble. The report has it that the Argentine and Barcelona captain promised to give £3.25m to help get Dinho and his brother out of prison.

Recently the Argentine came out to deny all claims made earlier about him giving £3.25m for the release of the Brazilian and his brother. Lionel Messi denied giving anything to help get Ronaldinho out. The Brazilian is faced with a six months’ jail term because of the offence. The Brazilian said he and his brother were deceived into the act but they were still imprisoned.

Lionel Messi Denies Giving £3.25M To Help Release Ronaldinho
Ronaldinho And His Brother Roberto

It was earlier gathered before his imprisonment that £3.25million will settle the whole issue under legal terms and that was what rose the rumor of Messi agreeing to pay the money. According to Catalan Publication Sport, Lionel Messi’s advisors have insisted that, while the Argentine superstar (Lionel Messi) feels very sorry for the player, he will not be giving any financial support to bring him out.

The 39 years old has lost the case for him to be given fair hearing on two different occasions. Paraguay’s Appeal Court said the former footballer posed a “medium to high” flight risk if his prison situation was modified.

His brother Roberto, who is being held in the same cell in a jail on the outskirts of the Paraguayan capital Asuncion, also had his appeal rejected. Ronaldinho’s brother was sentenced to five years in prison about eight years ago in his home town Brazil for laundering. In 2012 when Roberto was jailed he lied to the local tax collectors about his financial status.

For Roberto, going to jail is not a new thing for him as he has been in police net for several cases. Reports has it that the first time Roberto de Assis was arrested he was accused of lying to Brazilian tax authorities to justify the entry into his homeland of money held in secret accounts in Switzerland.

Lionel Messi Denies Giving £3.25M To Help Release Ronaldinho
Ronaldinho helped his team won the trophy in prison

For Ronaldinho who is not used to the prison life got something interesting to keep himself busy while serving his jail term. He has already scored five goals in the prison fustal tournament and helped his team lift the trophy. Ronaldinho will be in prison for the next six months it could be a good thing for him based on the fact that he is tourist person and with the current trend of the coronavirus staying in one place now is like self-isolation already.

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