Lilian Afegbai Weighs In on Gender Roles

Controversial social media influencer and actress, Lilian Afegbai weighs in on the highly debated issue of gender roles .

The actress shared her thought on men and women switching roles especially pertaining to finances. Lilian is of the opinion that men are to pay bills in every situation regardless of how much the lady in the relationship is earning.

Lilian Afegbai Weighs In On Women Paying Bills

Going on a mini rant on her Instagram stories, she wrote,

“I can never understand a woman that pays a man’s bill. It’s different if you guys are married and things go bad where you have to step in and help till he gets back on his feet.

“But paying his rent and all, men have pride they will carry your money and give to that girl who would respect and appreciate them for the little they do. A man who’s comfortable with a woman paying his bills is a vegetable.”

Afegbai is a former Big Brother Africa contestant who delved into movies after and won an Africa magic Viewers Choice Award for her debut production titled ‘Bound’.


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