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All year round, there are one hundred and fifty-six international days to celebrate people, talk about issues and raise awareness. Amongst these days are seven days that are specifically incorporated to celebrate women and talk about their issues. Only seven. Yet most Nigerian men complain that the world celebrates one gender more than the other. They say they are burdened by the number of gifts they have to buy every year to celebrate the women in their lives.

So if a man wakes up one morning and says he wants to be a chef, his family will literarily spit on him. Because cooking is considered a woman’s job, any man who is caught doing it is ridiculed. If a man chooses to help with house chores, he must make sure there are no family members around. There are families where this is a really big issue. To the African man, being a woman is a thing of disgrace. Even, to call a man a woman is to call him weak. So it is surprising to find that more and more African men are opting to become chefs in this day and age, and no one is frowning at them.