La Liga: Lionel Messi Joins Team-mates in Individual Training

Argentine and Barcelona skipper Lionel Messi have resumed training yesterday with his follow team-mate as the Spanish authority has approved individual training in La Liga. They resumed the league training with testing all players for coronavirus before allowing them to join others. The games are expected to be played behind closed doors.

The protocols are part of a four-phase process progressing from preparation for training, individual training, group training and then collective training. The German Bundesliga is already set to resume league on the 16th of May.

The La Liga management is expected to test every player two days before they can start individual sessions, along with any coaching staff and club personnel who will be part of the training camp. All players, coaching staff and those on the medical team will also have to be tested daily once training starts, also anyone who is part of the camp has to undergo a minimum of three tests during the different phases of test.

La Liga: Lionel Messi Joins Team-Mates In Individual Training 1
La Liga: Lionel Messi Joins Team-mates in Individual Training 3

Any player who tests positive will be placed in self-isolate and all those they have been in contact with will also have to isolate until the test results comes out. According to the plans La Liga has, players will travel to training camps in their kit and on their own, with their arrival staggered and no more than 12 training at any one time.

A maximum of six players can train on the same pitch and, after training, they will be given their training kit for the following day in a closed, biodegradable bag. They put their dirty kit in this bag at home and deposit it in a bin at training the following day for it to be washed.

Also La Liga has authorized that all first-team players will be divided into eight-player groups, and they will train in different time slots. Dressing rooms will be used during this phase but limited to three players in each, with training kits and boots prepared for them and placed as far apart as possible.

After training, players will be allowed to shower in the dressing rooms they used and leave dirty training kits in baskets. These dressing rooms will be cleaned following each group’s training slot. Barcelona is currently topping the La Liga table with Real Madrid in the second place position.

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