Kyle Walker Blast Man City after Sterling’s Departure

Kyle Walker a Sky Sport presenter and a radio station have come out to blast Manchester City for the way they treated the departure of England forward Raheem Sterling. The presenter in a Twitter post revealed led that the way and manner Raheem Sterling was released from the club was wrong.

Why Kyle Walker Blast Man City for Sterling Send forth

According to him, he said the player deserves a better send fort. He said never got the respect he deserved at City, a player that has been vital over the years will go on to do the same with Chelsea. The comment came after sterling released his farewell message to the English Premier League defending champions Manchester City.

Kyle Walker Blast Man City After Sterling'S Departure

The former Liverpool forward is set to join Chelsea despite one more year left on his contract. He will be the first player the London club side will sign should he come now. The presenter Kyle Walker did not give any manner that would be accepted as an appropriate way of sending Sterling forth.

A similar thing was said about Manchester United when Jesse Lingard was denied the chance to play his last game in front of United fans after many years of dedication to the team. The player’s brother was not happy about the decision of the then United head coach who was acting as an interim coach. Kyle Walker has taken that same step now a said Sterling should have been given a more solid or proper send fort.

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