Juventus to be Relegated Following False Capital News

The Serie A giants Juventus is accused of false accounting, and Donzelli revealed they could be sanctioned with relegation to Serie B. The revocation of the titles won ‘in the shadow of these potentially illegal operations’.

Juventus Face Relegation Battle due to Finacial Issue

The president of the Italian Olympic Association, Marco Donzelli, said: “The accusatory system is very serious and throws a sinister light on the last football championships, also because there has been a real Juventus dominance in recent years, which ended in the past year.”

Juventus To Be Relegated Following False Capital News
Juventus to be Relegated Following False Capital News

He stressed that If Juve were to have illegitimately gained an advantage over rival clubs with operations of this type, then the regularity of the last football championships would fail and, consequently, the Federation and the Authority for the market competition will then intervene and sanction the guilty party.

It was alleged that Juventus lied in terms of their capital gain, which is against the Italian association to protect consumer rights. Their punishment will be possible relegation to Serie B if found guilty as an investigation is still ongoing.

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