Isreal Adesanya Finally Reveal Why He Lose

Nigerian mixed martial artist Israel Adesanya suffered his first-ever defeat in his career on Sunday, and Polish opponent Blachowics beat him. The fight was a tight one that could only be decided by unanimous decision after the fifth round.

All the judges gave voted for Blachowicz with their scorecards. According to the scorecard, the points are 49–46, 49–45, 49–45 at the end of the meeting. After the fight, Israel Adesanya said the fight did not go as planned.

31-year-old Israel Adesanya said he was restless and he could not find sleep the night before the fight. He told UFC that he never saw the defeat coming. He thought he was going to win, and you know.

Isreal Adesanya’s Comment after the Fight

Israel Adesanya said he looked for sleep that night, but he could not, and because he is not a fan of wine, instead of doing wines, he was doing lines just to stay awake. Isreal Adesanya speaking after the fight, said: “They got me one of these (bottle of wine), and I probably should have had it. Maybe I would have slept better.”

Isreal Adesanya Finally Reveal Why He Lose 2
Isreal Adesanya

“Yes, it didn’t go the way I wanted it but dare to be great, you know the critics are on the sidelines, but I am the one putting my life on the line.” He was also asked if he regretted moving up to the next ladder in sports, but he insisted that he has no reason to regret it.

Israel Adesanya said: “I knew what I had to do, and I was trying to do. Besides, they played a fast one blocking my techniques, but my techniques could have been a lot more finer. It made me look like I had a bodyguard, but I promise you, it was like a bad day in the gym, except its in the office tonight.”

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