Is the future of the North safe?

There is concensus among all northerners that almajiranci is an abuse of child right and recipe for the destruction of the future of the North.

Sadly, northern politicians and elite don’t see it the same way. Unless we force them to act,the narrative will remain the same way. It is still talk without action.

In every forum the northern governors will condemn almajiranci but no one has taken the bull by the horn to address the problem.

The ulamas (scholars) are comfortable with the system and don’t condemn it. The lawmakers who could make laws that will make it illegal are busy fighting for official cars and contracts.

The North is dragging Nigeria back in all indices of development. The future of any country depends on its children and it gets worse if the children don’t attend schools.

In the North, the children don’t only fail to attend schools, they go through mental abuse, hunger and physical abuse. No nation can develop this way.

By Aliyu Nuhu

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