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The entity called northern Nigeria as I often opine is a conglomeration of self-serving fellows, who daily parade as leaders of thought and conscience for a population that is largely illiterate or semi-literate.

The ulamas (scholars) are comfortable with the system and don’t condemn it. The lawmakers who could make laws that will make it illegal are busy fighting for official cars and contracts.

The challenges are delay, I had some setbacks. I can say that the environment affected me to some extent. Getting a quality education has been a big problem, though, it depends on one’s financial strength. One of the challenges is not going to school on time. If you take a look, majority of those who had their primary and secondary school here didn’t finish at early age, people don’t get enrolled in school as expected, especially in the villages. Though, I can see some improvements these days.

unacceptable behavior from a spouse, bad habits, cheating, alcoholism, incurable disease, criminal convictions, mismatch of characters, beliefs, dissatisfaction, lack of love, jealousy, lack of preparation, lack of courtship, forced marriage, infertility, broken expectation, poor communication, dearth of tolerance and patience, domestic violence and viewing marriage as mere sexual adventure.