Is Cristiano Ronaldo in the Wrong Club?

After yesterday’s UEFA Champions League game against Lyon football fans has been asking if Cristiano Ronaldo in the wrong club? The 34 years-old Portuguese who left Real Madrid two seasons back is currently facing a tough time with his new club Juventus.

The Oldlady side lose to Olympiaq Lyon 1-0 in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League round of 16. The team did all the playing and won everything except for the scores which is the most important.  Lucas Tousart scored the only goal in the first 31st minute of the game to put the home side in front, they were able to maintain their unbeaten record in the UEFA Champions League even without key player Memphis Depay.

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Juventus came into the game confidently but failed to create any clear chances before and then ended up losing the game. Cristiano Ronaldo was almost everywhere in the pitch and it looked like he was the only player in the pitch. Fans took to their social media page to blast Juventus boss Sarri saying he should feature good midfielders to support Ronaldo and Dybala in the attack line.  

Is Cristiano Ronaldo In The Wrong Club? 2
Ronaldo Touches in last Night’s game
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Others are saying take out Cristiano Ronaldo and Paulo Dybala out the Juventus team and Juvetus will be like every other small team in the world. Juventus are lacking quality midfielders while Real Madrid are lacking quality attacker so it’s all about Ronaldo now. It is just the first leg of the game the return leg comes up on the 17th of March then Juventus might be fit and must have work on their midfield.

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Is Cristiano Ronaldo in the Wrong Club? 6

Cristiano Ronaldo was signed to the Itailian side purposely to win the Champions League, he came in July 2018 and he has been doing well. Ronaldo only equaled a Serie A goal scoring record at the weekend before facing the loss.

The five times Ballon d’Or winner was not the only frustrated player in the pitch yesterday, Dybala was also frustrated in the game. Right now it only looks like if Ronaldo is going to win the Champions League he has to do it all by himself.

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