Ikorodu Bois Mimics Money Heist Part 4 Trailer

One of the most creative videos you would see today is the manner at which Ikorodu Bois mimics the trailer of Money Heist Part 4.

The Ikorodu Bois from Lagos, Nigeria are known for mimicking multimillion videos by using everyday household materials. They have done music videos in style as well as clips from celebrities. They have done videos of Nigerian celebrities such as AY comedian, Mr Eazi, DJ Cuppy and so on.

Their creative style has been noticed worldwide as CNN wrote a piece about them few days ago. The young Ikorodu Bois which consists of brothers Muiz Sanni (15), Malik Sanni (10) and cousin Fawas Aina (13) have really made name for themselves.

Ikorodu Bois Mimics Money Heist Part 4 Trailer 1
Ikorodu Bois Mimics Money Heist Part 4 Trailer 4

Ikorodu Bois Mimics Money Heist Trailer

Ikorodu Bois Mimics
Money Heist

The Ikorodu Bois mimics the most trending movie on Netflix now, Money Heist Part 4 in style. The costume for this one was created to look like the one in the main movie.

 Beards, woman hair, burning charcoal pot, uncompleted building, living compound and so on were used to mimic every scene shown by Netflix in the trailer as well as using words on carton to mimic every word written on the scene.

The boys shared the video on their Twitter page @Ikorodubois and made sure they get a retweet till the makers of the movie see it.

They achieved their goal as the actor and director of the Money Heist movie, Alvaro Morte replied.

Through his verified Twitter account, Alvaro Morte @AlvaroMorte tweeted ‘’What an amazing job!!! Congrats. Thanks a lot for this (love emoji). You are the very best!!!’’

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