Top 5 Nigerian Celebrities in Climax Challenge by Usher

One of the popular social media challenges in this lockdown is ‘climax challenge’ by American music superstar, Usher Raymond. It will excite you to know some Nigerians who have participated in this singing challenge that is trending worldwide.

This particular indoor challenge started after another American singing sensation; The Weekend stated categorically that Usher Raymond’s ‘Climax’ song released in 2012 sounds like his work; making it feel like he stole the song from him.

Top 5 Nigerian Celebrities In Climax Challenge By Usher 1
The Weeknd

Usher did not respond to the request to provide a comment, but he found another means to convey his sentiments on the matter. He got a backing from R & B singer-songwriter, Eric Bellinger, who has collaborated with Usher on numerous occasions. Eric took to Instagram to kickstart what would be a way of cooling during this lockdown when he launched the ‘’#ClimaxChallenge’’.

He made sure he invited The Weekend to back up the claim and even kicked the challenge off himself. Usher quickly took to his Instagram stories to sing his hit song ‘’Climax’’ in response to the jibe thrown by The Weekend. It has been a season of rendition on social media since then by people worldwide.

5 Nigerians Celebrities who Have Joined Climax Challenge by Usher

Top 5 Nigerian Celebrities In Climax Challenge By Usher 2
Wande Coal

We have seen many people test their singing skills (high & low) pitch through the climax challenge by Usher Raymond. Nigerians celebrities have also joined the trending challenge. Some Nigerian singers who are known for their vocal skills have been nominated by other Nigerians while others have catch fun doing this.

Top 5 Nigerian Celebrities In Climax Challenge By Usher 3
Top 5 Nigerian Celebrities in Climax Challenge by Usher 8
Adekunle Gold
Adekunle Gold
Top 5 Nigerian Celebrities In Climax Challenge By Usher 4

Here are some selected Nigerian celebrities who have used their social media accounts to participate in this indoor challenge. They are listed in no particular order:

  1. Wande Coal: Nigerians have really anticipated to see Wande Coal to jump on this one. The former Don Jazzy’s artist is known as one of the best vocalists in this part of the world. When he finally accepts to join the climax challenge, it was what music fans were expecting as he sang the climax song effortlessly. Some quarters have even claimed he’s the best celebrity to have done this.
  2.  Waje: Just like Wande Coal, Waje is another singing sensation Nigerians expect to deliver on this one and she did. Waje’s climax challenge has been viewed by so many people. It is just like an orchestra session as she showed her musical prowess.
  3. Adekunle Gold: Afropop singer, Adekunle Gold has also participated in this challenge. The ‘Orente’ crooner posted the video of himself doing an Usher song with excitement in his Afropop music style. His performance is one of the best so far by Nigerian celebrities.
  4. Bisola Aiyeola: Ex- Big brother naija housemate, Busola has shown over time that she is really talented. She has excelled as an actress as well as a music artist. This time, the ‘ONE ambassador’ jumped on this trending challenge and she didn’t disappoint. It was a top-class performance.
  5. Khafi: Another ex-big brother housemate to have taken this challenge is Kharfi. The ‘Pepper dem’ housemate showed her musical dexterity as she took to her Instagram page to sing like Usher Raymond. She ended her session by showing the engagement ring given by her big brother housemate lover, Ghedoni. Their wedding had to be postponed due to the pandemic which made Kharfi to say at the end of the video ‘I just want to take my relationship to the climax’ as she flaunts her beautiful ring.
Top 5 Nigerian Celebrities In Climax Challenge By Usher 5

How to Participate in the Climax Challenge

You can still participate in the #climaxchallenge during this period of lockdown. All you have to do is stay indoor and sing the Usher’s climax song and post with the hashtag climax challenge on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.

Here’s an excerpt from the climax song lyrics by Usher. It goes thus:

Going nowhere fast

We’ve reached the climax

We’re together, now we’re undone

Won’t commit so we choose to

Run away

Do we separate? Oh

Don’t wanna give in so we both gave up

Can’t take it back, it’s too late, we’ve reached the climax

Climax. Do stay with us for more entertaining gist @everyevery.ng. Thanks for reading this piece.

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