ICT is one area which seems to be a problem in disguise in the Nigerian educational sector.

Information and Communication Technology is one major development observed in the world in the last century. The world is now a global village with the use of ICT tools in various fields. This development has led to the inventions of phones, laptops, ipads and other gadgets used everywhere including the Nigerian students and the society at large.

In Nigeria, before the advent of technology, students in the secondary schools and higher institutions studied and learned without the various means information can be sourced these days. The older generations had books rather than any other means as their source. Personal research is another way they were informed on their area(s) of study. Libraries were the Google search engine then. Despite the fact that information cannot be gotten at the tip of the finger like today, the scholars revel in their various fields/courses. There were more able graduates from those days compared to what we have now.


In Conclusion

ICT should be an advantage for this generation. A click on Google search engine brings so many results on assignments to be done. Books (hardcopies) and libraries are becoming obsolete as the internet has become a better alternative. Projectors are now used in lecture theatres rather than a board (letters are clearly seen just as the VAR technology in football). There is also public address system, now the most soft-spoken lecturer can be heard loud and clear. Lectures can now be received online, results are better documented and other information concerning the institutions can be easily accessed through their websites. Despite all these technological advancements, the educational system in Nigeria can’t be compared with the old days.

ICT definitely has its advantages and disadvantages. This has impacted on our society at large. The internet has been used for other means rather than educational purposes. Cybercrimes, pornography and fraud are few of the disadvantages of using the internet. Students have become lazy as a result of easy access to the internet. Brainstorming is a thing of the past in group assignments. The ICT gadgets are not really used for educational means in the various level of learning. As good as ICT is, it is a menace in disguise in the Nigerian educational sector.

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