BBNaija 2020: How Toast Bread Put Asunder Between Neo and Vee, Then Got Miraculous Comeback

Neo and Vee

Neo and Vee one of the paradise lovers in the BBNaija 2020 lockdown house might have left the lovers WhatsApp group after toast bread issue put asunder in their relationship.

The duo has been all loving for a while now and looking at them loving up give most of their follower the will to wish them a longer stay in the BBNaija lockdown house.

But as it is they are no longer together. After the Saturday night party, Neo asked Vee to make him toast bread and she was too tired to do so. She seems to not only tired but also angry, so she called her boo a stupid person.

For who Neo is, he is known for using cursed words so as usual, he used a cursed word on Vee saying “f—k you.” Unfortunately, the usual words were not so god on Vee that night so she made the painful pronouncement.

She immediately told Neo that they are no longer together and that was a good place to put a full stop in their relationship.

Neo and Vee have both had several breakups and a lot of misunderstandings in their love journey, but they have always found ways to be together afterward, but this last episode looks different because, for the first time after they started sleeping on the same bed, they slept separately last night.

They have been the only ship that the housemates think have a future in their love life, but this new twist might be another unexpected version of drama coming from them.

Then in a miraculous way, the love birds are back again. Neo and Vee have been seen around the house curdling and loving up after that talking about their lives. The man of the relationship was also heard quoting bible passages about God’s plan for his life.

In one of their conversation, the two of them agreed that they can handle themselves and their relationship, they both chorused, “we gat this.” We wish we can believe you guys, we are watching and also wish you well.

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