BBNaija 2020: Dorathy Walks Out On Ozo Again, Kaisha Shakes BBNaija Couples’ Tables As She Gives Advice That Divided Housemates, Lucy Goes On Rampage, Threatens Housemates

Ozo, Dorathy, Kaisha, and Lucy

The strain in Dorathy and Ozo’s relationship might not be getting off so soon, especially after what happened between them last night.

Ozo and Dorathy have been having a hard time since Nengi showed up and Ozo took a bold step by going to Dorothy to see how they can be back as friends. But Dorathy told him straight that she needs to be on her own for now and that the space she is giving him is not about humbug about her.

She said, “I am not fighting you, I just want to be on my own. I just need my space and my action is not about public opinion because if it was by public opinion this would have happened since the first week.”

Ozo tried to talk to her, maybe she would change her mind about giving him space, Dorathy gave him a pat on the back, told him I need my space and walked out. Ozo who was left standing with no one to talk to had to leave and enjoy the rest of the night anyway.

How will Dorathy and Ozo end their scuffle?

Kaisha Shakes BBNaija Couples’ Tables

Last night, Kaisha went on a strange trip with the housemates as she gave them words of relationship advice. She told them that when they are attracted to more than one person at a time, the best thing to do is to follow their hearts and not their heads.

She told them that love is a beautiful thing and at a point when they need to choose between two persons who want to be in a relationship with them they should just go with the person their heart swings towards. Kaisha’s topic of discussion was hawking a lot of tables in the BBNaija lockdown house and everybody could feel her.

Her bullets were hitting a lot of the housemates like Ozo, Erica, and Prince. Kiddwaya jumped in to drop his own view about the issue so he said.

“When you are a lady and two guys are asking you out and you follow the guy that loves you but he is broke and after there months he can not take care of you, the love will fade away.”

Hmmm! Kiddwaya’s statement got a lot of the other contributors worried and they disagreed with him. That also brought Neo into the discussion and he aligned with Kaisha.

He said, “when you follow your head, be ready for regrets, but when you follow your heart, be ready for experiences.” Hmm that sounds…

Lucy Goes on Rampage, Threatens Housemates

Kiddwaya, Laycon And Prince Frying Eggs
Kiddwaya, Laycon and Prince Frying Eggs

Lucy has threatened the housemates that she is going to eat any food she sees kept, freezer, or anywhere in the house. She went on a rampage when she listened to a conversation between Dorothy and some housemates she met frying eggs.

Earlier Kiddwaya, Praise, Laycon, and Kaisha found about ten eggs kept somewhere in the cabinet n the kitchen, and the took them for themselves and they fried. Dorothy started asking questions when she saw them with fried eggs.

Dorathy and Lucy said they did not eat any of the eggs bought for the week they would have had a bite from the ones hidden of Kidd and the rest hadn’t fried them. She went rampage questioning them why they would have taken the eggs.

If Lucy survives this week’s eviction, then we should all look out for that and see if she will carry out her threat.

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