Heat Wave Grapple Nigerians; How To Deal With It

It’s no secret how the heat has been affecting many Nigerians the past few weeks.

Probably at it’s all time high. Kano state had not the first time but a record of 40 degrees, Abuja had 40 degrees. With no sign of a really rainy day, what are we to expect or do during this time.

Lots of Water

Water helps in cooling off the body temperature. as much as a person gets thirsty water is the way forward more than any other carbonated drink.

A lot of the health problems that can develop during a heat wave are associated with dehydration, so it’s crucial to make sure you drink plenty of water or a sports drink with electrolytes. Even if you don’t feel thirsty, keep taking regular sips. Avoid drinks with a lot of caffeine such as coffee and tea, and severely limit your intake of alcohol.

Find Shade

Even if you might be waiting for a few minutes, doesn’t seem that long right but believe me you never know when you start slipping off and faint. To avoid that better take out an umbrella, who say you only need it when it rains.

Even that for the body you also need shades for your eyes. Heavy sun light affects the eyes, so you need to protect them.

Eat Appropriately

It’s important to make sure you keep eating, but you should adapt your eating habits to the temperature. Eating is an effective method to control your body temperature. Eat well-balanced and light meals regularly, rather than two or three enormous plates of food. Large meals take more work to digest which will cause your body temperature to increase.

Eat lots of proteins and salads will do the trick.

The heat wave is expected to continue till May when the rainy seasons start. Till then its advisable for you to protect yourself as much as possible.

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