Harry Maguire Pleads Not Guilty

Harry Maguire Finally Free, and Asked to Go

Manchester United captain Harry Maguire has pleaded not guilty and has been released from police custody following his arrest on the island of Mykonos in Greece where he was arrested. A court date for the 27-year-old has been set for Tuesday but Maguire can be represented by his lawyer and will now return home.

It is, however, not clear what specific offence the Manchester United skipper will be charged for, Harry Maguire did not comment after leaving court on Saturday and his lawyer told newsmen he was a free man “right now”. The Syros prosecutor’s office said on Friday that “three foreigners” had been arrested after an alleged altercation with police officers in Mykonos on Thursday.

The police say a file has been opened which includes accusations of “violence against officials, disobedience, bodily harm, insult and attempted bribery of an official”. But Harry Maguire, who was arrested recently said he is not guilty of all the accusations against him. A United statement said: “Following the appearance in court today we note the adjournment of the case to allow the legal team to consider the case file.

“Harry has pleaded not guilty to the charges. It would be inappropriate for the player or club to comment further while the legal process takes its course.” Police in Greece said in a statement on Friday that officers had tried to break up an altercation between two groups outside a bar and that the three foreigners had then verbally abused and assaulted one of the officers.

The statement claimed that after arriving at Mykonos police station, the three arrested individuals then “strongly resisted, pushing and hitting three police officers” and that “one of the detainees tried to offer money so that the trial against them would not be completed”. For now, the world most expensive defender is free to return back to England awaiting league resumption which is on the 12th of next month.

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