Football Fans Push for Emergency Substitution Rule

Emergency Substitution Rule Under Review

English Premier League defending champions Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp said the introduction of emergency substitution. He said: “makes sense” after David Luiz played on with blood seeping from his head bandage as Arsenal lost to Wolves. David Luiz collided with Wolves striker Raul Jimenez when they both jump for a ball in the air. Jimenez suffered a fracture on his head and was taken out with oxygen while David Luiz continued the game.

Alan Shearer also supported the emergency substitution, he said he thinks “football needs to wake up” around concussion protocols. Arsenal said protocols were followed regarding the decision to allow Luiz to play on after Sunday’s incident. Jurgen Klopp speaking on the incident said: “At that moment I didn’t think about a rule change, I was just sitting there for 10 minutes hoping that they would both get up without any issues, but that didn’t happen.”

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Football Fans Push For Emergency Substitution Rule 1
Football Fans Push for Emergency Substitution Rule 4

“I hope Raul Jimenez is as good as possible now, I heard he had surgery. I wish him and David Luiz all the best.” “I know we have concussion protocols and I’m pretty sure Arsenal did that. I’m not sure any rule would help in that moment because the player can play on.” “But, yes, it makes sense that we can do things like this, of course.”

The manager is not the only one in support of the new rule which is to come. Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson, who suffered a head injury in a game himself after colliding with Liverpool’s Sadio Mane in 2017, is also in support of the emergency substitution rule.

The goalkeeper said: “I think all the concern and care is very important. It is a part of the body that needs special attention.” “When there is a blow to the head there should be a substitution, whether the player can continue or not. You could be feeling OK but after you could feel the consequences.”

Football Fans Push For Emergency Substitution Rule 2

Also, former Newcastle striker Shearer said concussion is an issue football needs to address urgently because “we are talking about life and death.” He said: “Football needs to get real, it needs to wake up, it needs to get serious. Not next year, next month, now. It is not acceptable, it has been going too far too long.”

Sunday’s match at Emirates Stadium was in its early stages when Jimenez and Gunners defender Luiz accidentally collided at an Arsenal corner. The striker was given oxygen on the pitch before being taken to hospital. There is now a push for Fifa to give permission for emergency substitutions when such incidents happens.

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