Thinking about something different to eat for lunch this afternoon? Why don’t you try out Dambu Nama? This is a local delicacy that is native to Northern Nigeria. Apart from Tuwo Shinkafa and Masa, Dambu Nama is another popular delicacy in Northern Nigeria you must try and taste. Meat (beef) is the main ingredient used to prepare this delicacy. Beef is readily available in the markets especially in the Northern parts because the people are majorly into cattle rearing. You’ll definitely enjoy this delicacy for lunch except if you are a vegetarian. Meat, which is a source of animal protein is needed for the body; enjoy this nutritious delicacy in style.

Dambu Nama


The ingredient for Dambu Nama includes beef, salt, sugar, pepper, ground red bell pepper, spice seasoning, stock cubes, onion, hot chili pepper, ginger powder, and groundnut oil.


You’ll need to trim off all visible fat from the meat. It should be clean muscles with no fat at all. Cut the meat on a board into big chunks. Rinse the meat and cut the onions into rings.


Get your ingredients i.e. grind red bell pepper, stock cubes, onions, sugar and salt into the pot. Cook the contents on medium heat. The meat needs to be very tender when cooked. You will need to boil for at least 2 hours on medium heat. The meat should also be very easy to pull apart when everything is done thoroughly. The meat can be transferred into a cutting board at this stage. You will need a fork to pull it apart. When the meat is torn apart, transfer it to a large bowl. Add stock cubes, ginger powder, hot chili pepper, and spice seasoning, all mixed together. Fry the shredded meat in a frying pan in hot groundnut oil. The meat won’t take much time to cook when it is thoroughly sliced. Once the meat is fried, you’ll need to remove it from the heat immediately. Thereafter, your meat is ready to be served. Get a bottle of soft drink and enjoy your Dambu Nama as you return to the day’s work.

Bon appétit!

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