One of the popular food crops you will see everywhere you go this season is maize. Maize, also known as corn, is one of the most widely grown staple foods throughout the world. Zea mays is the scientific/botanical name of maize, it also has different names all over the world. In Nigeria, maize is called Masara by the Hausas, Agbado by the Yoruba people and Oka by the Igbos. Just as it has many names, it also has many consumers. Maize can be used to prepare many local dishes all over the world. In this part of the world, maize has been used to make several dishes, so I bring to you the top five ways you could enjoy maize. They are as follows:

Five Ways You Could Enjoy Maize 1
  • AS CORNFLAKES: These are packaged cereal products made from small toasted flakes of corn. This meal is first made by Kelloggs. It has since become a household food all over the world as breakfast. It is usually served cold with milk and sometimes sugar. The plain flakes is flavored with salt, sugar, and malt. Cornflakes supply the body with energy to carry out the day’s activities. School children are the number one consumers of this meal. It is the right food for the rush-hour in homes.
  • AS PAP: Pap is known as ogi and akamu in Nigerian languages. Pap is a liquid food processed from corn. It passes through steps like grinding, sieving and cooking before it is been consumed. It can be taken with milk and sugar. This is the number one food for those who are unable to eat as a result of sickness (also for those who have no appetite). It is also the major food of infant asides milk. Pap is a breakfast food which can be served with bean cake or beans.
  • AS POPCORN: Just like the name, popcorn makes a ‘pop sound’ when prepared. It is also one of the popular foods processed from corn throughout the world. Popcorn is made by frying dry corn in hot oil. Children and adults enjoy this meal. You’ll hardly visit a Nigerian Cinema house without getting a treat of popcorn. Along with a bottle of coke, you pop in style with popcorn.
Five Ways You Could Enjoy Maize 2
Raw Yellow Corn on the Cobb Ready to Eat
  • COOKED CORN: Maize can also be boiled or roasted. This is commonly found along Nigerian roads. It is one of the most consumed food crops by Nigerian road users. Maize is the main food of poultry birds, it’s not a joke that humans drag its consumption with birds. Apart from the fact that we enjoyed eating corn, it is a source of income to farmers and the sellers. No wonder it is widely grown throughout the world.
  • BEANS WITH CORN: Beans and corn also go side by side. This dish is very rich and tasty. Beans, a proteinous food of plant origin is one of the most consumed food crops that is enjoyed better with Zea mays. You’ll ask for more of this delicacy especially when you’re using a sweet corn variety.

You can drop your favorite way of eating corn in the comment section. Enjoy and stay healthy!

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