Filipe Luis Reveals Ways to stop Messi

Former Chelsea and Atletico Madrid left-back Filipe Luis have come out to give the manual how to dispossess six-time Ballon d’Or, Lionel Messi. When he was playing against Lionel Messi, the player said things he does to stop Messi from beating him.

The 35-years-old Brazilian international is currently with Brazilian giant Flamengo said Messi does not plan his dribbles before the comes, which makes him different from other players.

Filipe Luis Give Manuel on How to Mark-out Messi

He admitted that he admires the Argentine very much, and the only he was able to mark out Messi was to go aggressive on him. He said Messi would watch you when the ball gets to his feet and then work on it based on the reaction you show to him.

Filipe Luis Reveals Ways To Stop Messi 1
Filipe Luis Reveals Ways to stop Messi 3

Filipe Luis also said Messi improvises a lot because he doesn’t have the dribble in his mind before the ball comes to him. Messi will watch the defender, and depending on your body position, he beats you with that.

Luis said he would first try not to let him receive the ball, but when he gets the ball with his back, he gives him a hard tackle, but he will not fall because he’s solid.

Filipe Luis said if Messi receives the ball facing you, one on one, it will be impossible for you to take the ball off him.

You can’t plan for it because he is watching you and can change. Luis said he would fake to make one challenge, one side, to try to make him(Messi) go the other way, where he wanted him to go. Luis said his best games were always against Messi.

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